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Discussion in 'SolidWorks' started by bszotko, Jan 30, 2004.

  1. bszotko

    bszotko Guest

    Here are the rest of my test results:

    convert iges file #1: HP 68 Xi 47 Diff 21 (31%)
    save file #1: HP 7 Xi 6 Diff 1 (14%)
    open file #1: HP 3 Xi 3 Diff 0 (0%)

    convert iges file #2: HP 434 Xi 318 Diff 116 (27%)
    save file #2: both hung (after saving)
    open file #2: HP 28 Xi 18 Diff 10 (36%)

    convert UG file: HP 194 Xi 120 Diff 74 (38%)
    save file: HP 21 Xi 21 Diff 0 (0%)
    unsupress features: HP 78 Xi 59 Diff 19 (24%)
    save file: HP 77 Xi 63 Diff 14 (18%)
    open file: HP 84 Xi 67 Diff 17 (20%)

    open top level assy: HP 83 Xi 56 Diff 27 (33%)
    rebuild: HP 2 Xi 2 Diff 0 (0%)
    save file: HP 22 Xi 17 Diff 5 (23%)
    open sub-assy drawing: HP 49 Xi 32 Diff 17 (35%)
    update sheet 2: HP 102 Xi 80 Diff 22 (22%)
    activate sheet 1: HP 8 Xi 5 Diff 3 (38%)
    update sheet 1: HP 66 Xi 52 Diff 14 (21%)
    save file: HP 14 Xi 11 Diff 3 (21%)

    TOTAL HP 1340 Xi 977 Diff 363 (27%)

    ship in bottle
    (50) rebuilds
    average 4 times HP 37.8 Xi 30.1 Diff 7.7 (20%)

    If anyone has any other tests that you think might be good to run, let
    me know. These numbers are not scientific - just me and a stopwatch.
    I think that they are good enough to prove to us that the 3400+ is the
    way to go. We are going to swap our FX3000 card for a FX1100 because
    I don't think we are going to see enough speed increase with the 3000
    to justify the cost. I will re-post to let you know what the FX1100
    does to these tests. I couldn't get the SPEC benchmark to run on 2004
    but I assume that the speed difference shown on 2003 should be similar
    if run on 2004.

    bszotko, Feb 4, 2004
  2. bszotko

    Eddy Hicks Guest

    You are right Bob, the speed difference with 2004 will be similar. But 2004
    will be 5-10% slower than 2003. At this point, there are enough advantages
    to me with SP2.1 to justify going with 2004 but that's a judgement call. We
    do surfaces, cross sections, etc. and 2004 will help.

    Also, I agree that the FX1100 over the FX3000 might be the way to go. I
    went with FX1000 and they rock! Anything more would have been a waste for
    us but maybe the 3000 for people who work with obscene assy's. Here they
    usually top out at under a couple thousand parts but because we use surfaces
    and "organic" shapes they are pretty challenging. I can spin an entire
    fully resolved assy around like it was a washer using the 1000. That is a
    cool feeling :)

    BTW - out of jealousy I ran all the benches again and my scores are nearly
    equal to yours. I consistently get into the 28's with the "ship" using
    SW2003 and consistently 30's with SW2004. That means the higher price of
    the 3400+ may not be justified. Save a couple hundred and go 3200+ (when I
    built these a few weeks ago the 3400 wasn't available so I paid the same
    price for the 3200 as what the 3400 now sells for - Doh). Just make sure
    you get the larger cache and not the dumbed down "economy" chip.

    - Eddy

    ** AMD RULES DUDE **

    going back to my youth :)
    Eddy Hicks, Feb 4, 2004
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