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Discussion in 'AutoCAD' started by msoler, Jul 7, 2003.

  1. msoler

    msoler Guest

    The problem I'm having is that I need to be able to disable the save dialog box for batch plotting. Otherwise someone would have to sit and close the dialog box after every drawing has been opened by the batch utility.

    I am trying to do a large batch plot with 20 drawings that have anywhere from 1 to 70 layouts in them. In the batch utility I have listed all the drawings and their layout tabs so that they plot in the correct order. They are each listed as a drawing (the plotting order is another issue).

    I have already tried the following: PLQUIET set to <1>, FILEDIA set to <0>, CMDDIA set to <0>. If it makes a difference we are running on Auto Cad 2000 and LDD 2. Thanks to anyone who has the answer to this dilemma.
    msoler, Jul 7, 2003
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  2. msoler

    Craig Gorham Guest

    You might consider trying a 3rd party application. has two programs (AutoM8 an d PlotM8) that let you batch
    plot to a printer/plotter and/or a plot file.
    Each has a plot dialog interface that closely resembles AutoCAD's own
    plot dialog box.
    We have full demos available for download and full product descriptions
    there also.
    AutoM8 has 3 batch options, Change, Plot or Purge.
    PlotM8 only batch plots.
    These programs are shareware and start at U.S$35.00.

    Thanks for your time.

    Craig Gorham, Jul 8, 2003
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  3. msoler

    Patrick Guest


    You should not be getting the save dialog box.

    All batch programs should take into account that you are only plotting the
    drawing and therefore have not made any changes to it.

    That is what the AutoCAD batch plot does.

    Which one are you using.

    For your entire batch processing needs
    Patrick, Jul 8, 2003
  4. msoler

    msoler Guest

    Thanks for your reply Patrick.

    We are using the AutoCad batch plot utility that came with AutoCad 2000 and it is version 1.0.0.
    msoler, Jul 9, 2003
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