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  1. JANES

    JANES Guest

    This is a follow on to an earlier situation with assembly cuts.

    Now I have to GD&T them. So, I go to 'Show and Erase' for the cuts in the first penetrated layer and, guess what, no shown dimensions. The cut is just there, like it was imported from another software (Thank you, PTC!).

    So, naturally, I create some dimensions in the drawing. Now I want to do the geometric dim/tol on these features. I start as usual with 'Insert>GeomTol' to get the interface for creating a feature control frame. This one will be trupo. But, when I go to select the dimension to attach to, it says "You cannot link a part/assembly gtol to a drawing dimension."

    Drawing dimensions seem to be the problem, need to go back to the Model tab. I look through the Model references, finding the assembly and all the components... but, finally, I notice, at the very top, the most interesting item... The Drawing. So, WTF, I select it. And, guess what, I can select the drawing dim. Only thing is, no set datums show up in the FCF.

    However, all the relevant datums are shown in the drawing. So, going back to the Datums tab, picking in the drop down shows nothing but, hey, what about clicking on the selection arrow to the right of the window. What happens then! Well, what to pick, so, how about a datum showing on the drawing, BINGO, the 'A' datum pops into the selection box. Did you get that!?! You go to some view where the 'A' datum is showing and you click/select the drawing datum. Pick, in turn, the Primary, Secondary and Tertiary tabs, clicking the selection arrow and 'onscreen' selecting shown datums. Pretty simple and elegant, really. All drawing referenced.

    David Janes
    JANES, May 14, 2010
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  2. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing that.

    David Geesaman, May 14, 2010
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  3. JANES

    JANES Guest

    A lot of this recent stuff has been based on extensive work with imported
    SAT models, I.e., single import feature, non-parametric geometry. Maybe
    later I'll talk about IDD, the Import Data Doctor. That's come in very
    handy, as well.

    David Janes
    JANES, May 15, 2010
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