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  1. JANES

    JANES Guest

    I was sure you could make an assembly cut "show" in the parts that were
    intersected. Now, trying it in WF4, I'm not having any luck. Feature shows
    up at top level but doesn't make it to component level (where I actually
    need it). I'm sure this was possible before but I haven't done in years and
    now I'm just poking around.

    So, I'm thinking, hey, it's a new interface, select, RMB and you get a bunch
    of choices. So, I pick a component, RMB and nothing. NO CHOICES! Somehow, I
    get the brilliant idea to uncheck the 'Automatic Update' box. Now, selecting
    and RMBing a component gets me some relevant choices, like TOP LEVEL, PART,
    REMOVE. And, when I go through all the components and select PART, they now
    regenerate to show the assembly cut.

    David Janes

    P.S. there's some boxes below that may have some effect, as well.
    JANES, Apr 17, 2010
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