Anybody using Mutoh XP-500 plotter?

Discussion in 'SolidWorks' started by J & J, Feb 28, 2006.

  1. J & J

    J & J Guest

    I have someone offering a free one. I wonder if anyone out there is
    using one with Solidworks? I know that this is an old plotter so really
    what I'm looking for is experience... have you got one running, and does
    it work OK, or have you found that it can't be made to work with
    Solidworks. That's the kind of information I'm looking for.

    Thanks very much.

    J & J, Feb 28, 2006
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  2. J & J

    Bigbear Guest

    The Mutoh is a fine old name. I suspect it's a pen plotter and there aren't
    too many drivers around to work with XP. Windows XP has some HP drivers and
    some of the older plotters have that compatibility. eg, I use a HI DMP 60
    which recognizes the HP Draftsmaster 1 drivers.
    Maybe of you do some diggiing you can find out a little more about the
    Mutoh. Solid works does not have any drivers that they supply.

    Bigbear, Feb 28, 2006
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  3. J & J

    Brian Guest

    We bought several old pen plotters as gov't surplus. Finding drivers
    for them was impossible from the mfgs. There is a software co that writes
    plotter drivers, but their software was more expensive than a new plotter.
    At that time, one of my 2d programs was turbocad. It was crap software to
    use, but had great post processing for all of the plotters we bought.

    We since narrowed our plotter selection down to a single plotter (
    draftmaster rx plus ) which kinda sorta works within SW. When I need a good
    plot, I still export the drawing as a .dxf and plot from turbocad. You
    might check to see if it still has similar post processing capabilities for
    plotters ( think you can d/l a fully funtional trial ). For free... hard to
    go wrong with any plotter.
    Brian, Feb 28, 2006
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