ADE vs OSS netlisting

Discussion in 'Cadence' started by jmss, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. jmss

    jmss Guest


    I am able to use ADE to produce a netlist for a given schematic. ADE
    is using these switch and stop lists:

    simViewList = '("hspiceD" "spice" "cmos_sch" "cmos.sch" "schematic")
    simStopList = '("hspiceD" "spice")

    But if I try to obtain the netlist with OSS, I get these warnings:

    Netlister: Can't find 'hnlHspiceParamList' property for element

    This seems to make sense, since view "hspiceD" from element "nmos33"
    does not have a hnlHspiceParamList.
    However, view hspice from element "nmos33" does have
    hnlHspiceParamList defined.

    Why doesn't this happen with ADE also? Why doesn't ADE complain that
    it can't find the hnlHspiceParamList for element nmos33? Does it
    switch automatically to view "hspice", even if it isn't in the

    Joao M. S. Silva
    jmss, Aug 25, 2011
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  2. Joao,

    I am no expert, but I believe that the ADE knows what hspiceD is
    inherently, but the OSS only knows hspice. When I try to populate my
    simList (IC 6.1) with "hspiceD" instead of "hspice", I get an error
    from the simulator interface:

    si: unknown simulator "hspiceD"

    Try changing the simViewList and simStopList to reference hspice,
    instead of hspiceD, and see if that makes this problem go away, or
    just throws a different error. BTW, hspiceD doesn't use the
    hnlHspiceParamList, because it takes all the netlisting data from CDF
    instead. That is why you don't get an error in the ADE.

    Hope this helps,
    Paul Shepherd, Sep 9, 2011
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  3. jmss

    jmss Guest

    Hi Paul,

    Thanks. Your explanation is very useful, since it helps understanding
    why this happens and how ADE and OSS work side-by-side.

    Best regards,
    João M. S. Silva
    jmss, Sep 19, 2011
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