A2K4 Drwprop, Comments section of Select File "File Open" dialog box

Discussion in 'AutoCAD' started by cparnell, Jul 8, 2003.

  1. cparnell

    cparnell Guest

    Just the other day I found that one could select display options in the Select File "File Open" dialog box. Name, Size, Modified. I also found Comment. Is there a way through A2K4 to link the dwgprops comments section to the Select File "File Open" dialog box Comments section.
    Via NG search; "12/16/02 ACAD Drawing Properties not in Select File Window", I realized that through Windows Explorer, you could select an AutoCAD file and right click, select properties, select Summary TAB, and you could type in information and it could be viewed in the AutoCAD Select File "File Open" dialog box. However it is allot of work to have to go to Explorer each time to enter in new information.
    Through the process of trying to figure this out, I tried to enter information through the File, Drawing Properties, Summary tab. It would not show up in the Select File "File Open" dialog box via the Summary column.
    I did notice that in Explorer when I selected a file, right clicked; choose properties, that there were two summary tabs. The second one showed the information that I entered via AutoCAD dwgprops summary tab.
    Is there a way to link dwgprops comments to the Select File "File Open" dialog box?
    cparnell, Jul 8, 2003
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