3D Polyline, then Rotate3D, then to Exagerate endpoints?

Discussion in 'AutoCAD' started by Chad Wurzer, Nov 1, 2004.

  1. Chad Wurzer

    Chad Wurzer Guest

    Have a simple 3D Polyline, say a cut section off a mess, or even just say 3D
    points that represent a Xsectional cut of a surface. Taken from "plan
    I can simply Rotate3D a copy of the object around the appropriate axis,
    and whamo, I have a Xsection of my 3D Polyline, being and end view and
    still in plan.

    OK, now question.....
    How "just using ACAD comands" can a user apply an appropriate
    directional axis exageration to the endpoints of this 3D polyline??
    Or even can I ??
    I want to hold (now) the x factor, yet I would like the endpoints
    to exagerate in the (now) Y direction, either up/down to show more
    detail to my section line (3D Polyline).

    Assume I would have to apply a plane reference through the 3dPolyline,
    say an endpoint, yet lost on how to get any exageration in only one
    I get TABSURF that creates a surface mesh of this end section, yet
    I just want to exagerate endpoint directions of the object (was Z, now
    the Y) since I used Rotate3D on a copy of the orig. object.

    Would really appreciate any info...
    Chad Wurzer, Nov 1, 2004
  2. Chad Wurzer

    Jason Rhymes Guest

    If I understand you correctly, all you need to do is do an in place block of
    the objects you want the exaggerate and change the Y value of the block in
    the properties by 10x. If I missing something, try posting an example.
    Jason Rhymes, Nov 1, 2004
  3. Chad Wurzer

    Chad Wurzer Guest

    You clearly understood me.
    Never thought to make a block and work the values that way.
    Was stuck on the idea of SurfTab variables to make up what
    I needed in the appropriate direction.

    Perfect!! Greatly appreciated.
    Chad Wurzer, Nov 1, 2004
  4. Chad Wurzer

    Jason Rhymes Guest

    Your welcome. Use to do that a lot when I was doing geotechnical
    environmental work. Had to show contamination levels with an exaggeration
    are it wasn't even noticeable. That's how I found that shortcut.
    Jason Rhymes, Nov 1, 2004
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