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Discussion in 'AutoCAD' started by craigr, Feb 25, 2005.

  1. craigr

    craigr Guest

    After installing a clean install of AutoCad LT 2005 on all of our workstations, (NOT an upgrade), I have set up my Workstation with my custom settings and copied them to our other Workstations. All has gone well except for ONE workstation.

    I have copied the .pc3 file to all stations as well.

    I have created a macro/icon that puts all of our print settings into one push of an icon. - Everything prints fine on all stations except one. The 'Bad' PC cuts off the Right side of the dwg, specifically, the Revdate. If you put one correctly printed dwg over the incorrectly printed dwg, the title block is a 9mm longer on the 'Bad' one. Heights are the same. So, it appears that AutoCad is 'stretching' the plotted dwg. We do have 'Fit to Paper' checked in the print dialog box, but all machines are like this.

    I used the AutoCad Text window to document what was happening on all workstations and EVERYTHING is the same as it steps through the macro commands - except when it gets to the bottom and tells me that -

    Okay PCs - "Effective Plotting area : 16.62 wide by 10.49 high"
    Bad PC - "Effective Plotting area : 16.62 wide by 10.42 high"

    Now here is the REAL kicker - If I do a -plot and step thru the macro commands manually, it prints fine!

    I thought that perhaps my coordinates were somehow changed in the macro on the 'Bad' PC, - WRONG! I have the PRINTED out text from both the 'good' & the 'Bad' in front of me and they both show the coordinates of -.6,-.2232 & 15.8233,10.1435

    This one is a real dome scratcher.

    There HAS to be some setting that I am not seeing.

    Any ideas?

    craigr, Feb 25, 2005
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