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Creating layout pin, where do "pin name" go in GDS out?

Reotaro Hashemoto
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When I create a layout in Cadence, and place a pin giving it a name
(e.g. VCO_CT) then making stream out for the layout as a GDS, where
should this "pin name" appear in the GDS? In other words, will it be
converted to label from a text layer in the GDS?

Also, how will the LVS decide if the pin is correctly attached to the
required layer....?

I am quite confused about that concept!

Thanks for any comments...

Best regards,
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Assalamou Alaikoum Ahmad,

The GDS files retains the physical information only. All the logical
information, like a pin name would not be translated into your GDS.
If you are using Calibre for example, usually we put a label a in
'pin' purpose on the 'drawing' purpose of the same metal. This is not
a rule, this is what you may define in your Calibre deck. So to answer
your 2nd question, the LVS does decide upon what you have written in
your deck, i.e which layer do you attach to what metal. In Calibre one
could attach a text layer on a metal and then define a port on that
layer. All this is very detailed in Calibre docs.

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A quick thought ...

You could view/check the content of your file using a GDS viewer. I
would recommend Calibre DesignRev (calibredrv). Otherwise, you could
use one of the various tools available from the www. I quite like the
Java application from You use to save your
GDS as ASCII which might be handy in some cases.

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